Stunning Visual Performance Meets The Unbelievable Vocal Talent Of Roberta Battaglia, 10-Year-Old ‘AGT’ Contestant

The first thing that you notice about this is the stage. The special effects have you believing that we are sitting in a forest, and it is that magical time of day when the sky is pink. The ground is shimmering, and everything about this screams magic; amongst the giant trees and muted colors stands a tiny girl in a bright blue dress.

This child is Roberta Battaglia, and she is a talented 10-year-old vocalist. You may remember she got the golden buzzer with her last performance of ‘Shallow.’ This time she is performing ‘You Say’ by Lauren Daigle. She sings the first few notes beautifully, and it is hard to look away from this stunning audio and visual phenomenon.

The notes get higher and more challenging to hit, but she knocks them all out of the park. She makes singing look effortless, and her body language is that of a natural performer. One might expect that she would show some signs of being nervous because of her age, but she looks like she is at home on that stage.

Then the stage changes, it gets brighter and rays of light stream across Roberta’s face. Glowing butterflies fly around, and Roberta belts some of the most impressive notes of this song. The setting gave off some fairytale magic vibes from the start, and Roberta did not disappoint.