Storm Large wows judges and audience with “I‘ve Got You Under My Skin” cover on AGT

Storm Large gets standing ovation for breathtaking performance on AGT

Storm Large wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent auditions when she delivered a beautiful cover of the classical hit I’ve Got You Under My Skin by the legendary Frank Sinatra.

Thanks to her unique voice and immense talent, Storm delivered the song in a unique way, giving it a different twist. A resident of Portland, Oregon, Storm has been doing music for thirty years.

As she introduced herself to the judges and the audience, you could tell that she has the confidence needed to ace the contest. Her charisma on stage is something out of this world.

Despite it being the first time Storm was on the AGT show, Simon Cowell recognized her from an earlier encounter. Their encounter was on Rockstar Supernova about 15 years ago. They however didn’t dwell on their previous encounter as they just joked about it and proceeded.

Storm Large gets standing ovation for breathtaking performance on AGT

The crowd couldn’t stop cheering as she delivered her outstanding performance. The judges and the audience were all amazed at her beautiful voice and most especially how different her version of the song was.

Considering she has been performing for a while, you can tell she knew how to bring the house down with her incredible performance. Although Storm has her legion of fans, we might as well say it took thirty years and an AGT audition for her to become an overnight sensation.

We can only wish her all the best as she proceeds to the next stage of the contest. But with such a voice and talent, we can undoubtedly expect to see more impressive performances.

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Storm Large wows judges and audience with \