Stevie Wonder makes Tom Jones tear up on stage

The American icon shares his affection for the judge, citing their long friendship and making Tom Jones tear up on stage.

Season 10 of The Voice UK was off to a great start. Blind auditions were ready to get underway, but had a surprise for fellow judge Sir Tom Jones, who recently turned 80. asked for a clip to be pulled up on the big screen. When Stevie Wonder appeared, even Anne-Marie was shocked. But it was Tom Jones’ reaction that had us all captivated.

As Stevie Wonder launches into an impromptu rendition of Jones’ iconic ‘It’s Not Unusual’, you can clearly see that Jones is touched. The rest of the judges are blown away at the showing from this American icon.

Tom Jones begins to tear up as Stevie Wonder begins to speak on their long friendship and the appearances they made on Tom Jones’ show so many years ago.

“I want you to promise me you will do your best to give us another 80 years,” Wonder says as he signs off, prompting laughter from the judges and a flood of tears from Tom Jones.

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Stevie Wonder makes Tom Jones tear up on stage