‘Sound of Silence’ instrumental uses bass to convey a brand-new emotion for fans

Classic songs like ‘Sound of Silence’ are built on strong personal messages. Tommy Lee Depp adds his own version with this solemn bass cover.

When you first hear the original ‘Sound of Silence’, the lyrics betray the happy instrumentals accompanying the track. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the pain and confusion in Simon and Garfunkel’s voice.

Tommy Lee Depp mimicked that mood with his bass cover of the song. In the same process, he managed to give it an added meaning.

Similar to the Disturbed cover, the bass cover adds in a bit more power and punch to the important notes. But this time, there are no words to convey the mood.

Depp manages to pull this all off with one of the fanciest bass guitars in the business. The only other bass musician that can pull off a similar style is Victor Wooten. Both of these artists share a similar bond for flair, with the ability to add their own style to each song.

Tommy Lee Deep has maintained a strong musical presence over the course of his career. Although great, his cover of ‘Sound of Silence’ is not even considered his greatest work. With luck, the notability of the song will bring in more fans to discover his other work. Rare talent like this should be appreciated, and hopefully considered for big awards in the future.