Soul-stirring suspense by Reba McEntire in “What If It’s You”

In this captivating performance, Reba transports us back to a simpler time when the world was full of possibilities and heartache could still be drowned in a good country song. Amidst the vibrant, upbeat energy of the ’90s, a talented country singer stands on the precipice of a legendary career. It’s none other than the Queen of Country herself, Reba McEntire, performing her soulful hit “What If It’s You” in the video below.

Dressed in her signature red dress, Reba’s stage presence is both enchanting and authentic. Her voice, with its unique blend of sweetness and strength, carries the audience on a journey through love and loss. The performance is both charmingly nostalgic and entirely relevant, a testament to the enduring power of great music.

Reba McEntire’s “What If It’s You” showcases the singer’s ability to deliver a profoundly emotional performance while maintaining her characteristic Americana charm. The melody is reminiscent of a classic country ballad, yet Reba’s rendition possesses an undeniably engaging modern edge. The song transports listeners to a different time, reminding us of the power music has to evoke memories and emotions buried deep within our hearts.

The song, written by the talented songwriting duo of Cathy Majeski and Robert Ellis Orrall, first appeared on Reba’s 21st studio album, also titled “What If It’s You.” The album, released in 1996, became a commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and earning double-platinum certification. The titular track stands out as a testament to Reba’s ability to breathe life into heartfelt lyrics, connecting with her audience on an emotional level.

Many fans might not know that the album “What If It’s You” marked a turning point in Reba’s career. The singer had just parted ways with her longtime producer, Jimmy Bowen, and this album served as a new beginning for the country superstar. Reba teamed up with producer John Guess for the album, which would go on to become one of her most successful records. This change in direction was a bold move that further solidified her position as one of the most influential female country artists of all time.

Now, as you watch Reba McEntire’s “What If It’s You” performance, take a moment to appreciate the magic of this musical gem. Reba let her voice transport you back to a time when love was the ultimate adventure, and heartbreak was just another chapter in the story.

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Soul-stirring suspense by Reba McEntire in \