Sleepy Cat Naps While Dad Plays Piano – Missing This Would Be A CATastrophe

What can you say about a cat sleeping next to the hammers of a piano as his human dad plays a lively tune? You would think the title says it all, right?

What can be more relaxing than a gentle massage to the background of soothing piano music? But if your pianist is not ‘In The Mood,’ the high notes tend to get to your head and can make your ‘Head Spin.’ But in the end, if you are tickled enough, you can start to ‘Feel the Beat’ and you can get ‘In the Mood.’

Now why snooze away and feeling like getting ‘Stray Cat Blues’ when ‘The Cats In The Cradle’ and while you act like you are ‘The Pianoman’? Now even though this real cat, sleeping on his dad’s piano, probably knows he is not a Stevens, he decided, when his owner played ‘That Funky Music to Get Into the Rhythm’.

First sleeping undisturbed by the keys in the piano messaging him, finding it probably soothing to ‘Body and Soul’, the constant headbanging on the high notes start to awake a ‘Groovy Feeling.’ Gradually mister cat decides to ‘Chase the Devil’ which got him out of ‘Slumberland.’

So, ‘Don’t Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet’, go and watch this cat-shy video. ‘Missing it can be a Catastrophy, so ‘You Got to Move!’ 😉