Singer Peter Hollens Delivers Dramatic Rendition of Popular Disney Song “God Help the Outcasts”

Many people everyday upload videos to Youtube, showing off their talent in hopes of gaining some online notoriety. Peter Hollens is a singer who’s been wildly successful in doing this and has over 2.5 million subscribers.

Hollens is known for covering popular Disney songs, and this time he’s tackling one of his favorites from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The beloved film is full of fantastic tunes, but Peter chose “God Help the Outcasts.”

As a musician, he stands out from the competition due to using no musical instruments. Every sound is made with just his voice, and the final results are absolutely incredible. As a video creator, he stands out as well.

With a green screen being used, he shows stunning shots of a beautiful church. His warm harmonies and tones bring the classic song to life. If that’s not sweet enough, he’s even asking his fan’s opinions on what tune he should sing next.