Simon Promises to Buy Him a Puppy After He Sings ‘You Raise Me Up’ on America’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell unquestionably knows how to make your dreams come true. On the latest episode of America’s Got Talent, 13-year-old singer-soloist Jeffrey Li immediately warmed the heart of the ordinarily cantankerous Simon Cowell when he told him he wanted to buy a dog — if he won the show’s $1,000,000.00 grand prize.

The precocious boy confessed, “I’m an only child, so I’d love a companion, so I guess a dog,” adding he preferred a German Shephard because “it would play with me all day, and I would love that.” (Anybody falls in love yet, like me?)

Of course, this pushed all the right buttons in Simon Cowell who is a well-known dog lover and animal rights activist. The stylistically curmudgeonous Brit immediately perked up from his usual side-leaning, inattentive style. Simon said, “If you do well, I’m gonna buy you a dog. We’ll choose one together.”

For his audition song, the 13-year-old chose to entertain us with “You Raise Me Up,” which was made world-famous by Josh Groban in 2013. This isn’t a natural number. The song demands the singer have a resplendently wide vocal range.

Of course, the boy pulled it off without a hitch. At the very end of his high-note-hitting performance, the entire house was on their feet, judges included, cheering and clapping.

Ever quirky Howie Mandel touted him as a “young male Celine Dion” while Mel B proclaimed the boy is “an angel singing.” However, it was Simon Cowell who had the most affection for the young entertainer.

“Jeffrey, I think this was an amazing audition, so I’m gonna keep my promise. Not only have you got four yeses, but you’ve also got yourself a new dog,” Cowell said, as Li grinned from onstage.

We can’t wait to see Li perform again and hopefully he will bring his new puppy with him. (Won’t that be a hoot?! As if the kid isn’t cute enough. Now we have to resist him and an adorable puppy dog.) In the meantime, enjoy his genuinely astounding audition:

Simon Promises to Buy Him a Puppy After He Sings \'You Raise Me Up\' on America\'s Got Talent