Crowd is Curious When Seniors Take The Dance Floor, Bring Everyone To Their Feet With ‘Impossible’ Dance

They danced their lindy hop to perfection after many months of practice. Their many well-coordinated moves included quick steps, swing turns and even dips to the floor.

The crowd appreciated their style from the first few bars of the song but what was even more amazing was that the couple were definitely seniors.

Technically, many confuse this form of dancing for “swing dancing” because of the upbeat music that accompanies these elegant dance moves, but truth be told, this is called “shag” dancing.

Shag is danced from the waist down and has smooth tight grounded footwork. The best shaggers have the look of having slippery feet and rubber knees also.

Dancing is highly recommended as you get older as it is both good exercise and a brain workout too. These folks are going to live forever! Healthy hearts equals happy hearts. Good exercise!

You can tell from the quick pace of the music that both their hearts were pumping and the fast footsteps in the ever-changing patterns provided challenges for the mind.

The lindy hop is from the era of the 1920s when the Foxtrot and the Charleston became popular. One interesting fact is that its name was derived from the famous Charles Lindberg’s hop over the Atlantic Ocean in his plane.

All of you seniors grab a dancing partner and get moving to the music of swing!