Scotty McCreery delivers incredible new song with ‘Why You Gotta Be Like That’

Scotty McCreery ‘Why You Gotta Be Like That’

There is a moment that occurs sometimes at the start of an evening when the man is waiting by the door to leave and his woman comes walking out from the backroom, dressed to impress.

Scotty McCreery captures that moment perfectly with his new hit single, ‘Why You Gotta Be Like That.’ The title forms the central question of the song, in which the man is asking his woman why she is so gorgeous.

It is a fun and exciting new song from a singer who has built a strong country music career following his successful appearance on American Idol. He exudes personality and charm in this song.

Scotty McCreery ‘Why You Gotta Be Like That’

Although the words tell most of the story, it would not become a hit song if not for the musical performances as well. The tempo is fast and fun, suggesting a party or a night out.

And there is McCreery in the middle of it, dropping quality lines like ‘you got that up to somethin’ look on your face/Looks like we are gonna be fashionably late.’

There is something exciting and loving in those remarks, giving the perspective of a man who is truly in love with his woman and admires everything about her. There is no doubt this song will be a hit with his fans.

The next time there is a night out or a party, Scotty McCreery will certainly be playing from the speakers. His song ‘Why You Gotta Be Like That’ sets the right mood for a fantastic night.

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