Savor the smooth nightcap of “Drink On It”

Imagine a warm summer evening in 2012, the air filled with laughter, love, and the sweet tunes of country music. Now, click on the video below to be transported back to that magical time and witness a performance that will make your heart sing: Blake Shelton’s “Drink On It.”

In 2012, America was recovering from the Great Recession and embracing a newfound sense of optimism. We were moving toward a brighter future, with the London Summer Olympics uniting the world in friendly competition, while the Mars Rover “Curiosity” captivated us with images of the Red Planet. This was the perfect backdrop for a heartwarming, foot-tapping tune like “Drink On It.”

From the moment Blake Shelton stepped onto the stage, the electricity in the air was palpable. His magnetic presence drew the audience in as if they were sharing a secret moment with the star. Blake’s smooth, velvety voice, effortlessly imbued with a touch of Southern charm, enveloped listeners in a comforting blanket of nostalgia.

As the night sky shimmered with the soft glow of fireflies, the performance unfolded like a beautiful tapestry, weaving threads of Americana, nostalgia, and history. The crowd swayed together, united by the melody and the memories evoked by the song. It was a testament to music’s power to unite people, transcending time and space.

“Drink On It” is a quintessential country ballad that has its roots in the rich history of American folk and storytelling. The song included on Blake Shelton’s sixth studio album, “Red River Blue,” reached the top of the US Hot Country Songs chart. With lyrics that paint a vivid picture of a couple sharing a drink and contemplating their future, “Drink On It” speaks to the universal themes of love, longing, and the passage of time.

Penned by songwriters Jon Randall, Jessi Alexander, and Rodney Clawson, “Drink On It” is a perfect example of a country hit that melds relatable storytelling with an irresistible melody. In fact, many fans might not know that songwriter Jon Randall was once a member of Emmylou Harris’s Grammy-winning band, The Nash Ramblers. His experience and musicality undoubtedly contributed to the creation of this unforgettable tune.

As for Blake Shelton, his down-to-earth persona and genuine connection with his audience have endeared him to fans across the nation. Some might not know that, during the recording process of “Red River Blue,” Blake met his now ex-wife, Miranda Lambert. Their relationship blossomed as they collaborated on the album, which included the chart-topping duet “Over You.” While their marriage didn’t last, the music they created together has left an indelible mark on the annals of country music history.

So, as you watch the video of this enchanting performance, let yourself be swept away by the charm and warmth of a simpler time. Feel the magic of Blake Shelton’s voice, the camaraderie of the crowd, and the nostalgia of a night filled with love and music. And when the last note fades, be sure to hit the like and share button because your friends and family deserve to experience the sheer joy of this unforgettable performance, too. Let the timeless beauty of “Drink On It” resonate in the hearts of all who hear it, a testament to the power of music to unite and heal us.

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