Russian Ballet Dancers Put Impressive Line Dance Spin on Routine

Being able to dance well and perform in front of crowds takes a certain kind of person. You have to be talented, confident, and can memorize a plethora of moves. A talented ballet group from Russia shows off a unique line dance routine during a performance.

Ballet is Russia’s most popular dance style, and it’s even considered part of the country’s history and pride. Dancing along to the Russian folk tune “Yablochko,” a group of over 12 dancers performs in sailor’s uniforms.

Igor Moiseyev had the honor of choreographing this dance. Each one of the members plays a vital part in the routine, and you can tell they spent hours practicing every move. Professionalism, paired with theatrics, makes for one entertaining dance.

It’s still relatively new to have men dancing ballet in Russia, but these gentlemen show that they have what it takes to participate in the sport. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could do half of the moves that they do. Well done, gentlemen.