Ronan Parke performs showstopping version of ‘Shallow’

Ronan Parke sings ‘Shallow’ in jaw-dropping cover performance

Anyone who has seen the film ‘A Star is Born’ or who has been listening to music for the past several years has certainly heard the incredible hit song, ‘Shallow.’

It has been covered numerous times by a wide range of talented singers, making it one of the most popular songs of recent memory as well as an instantly recognizable tune.

Ronan Parke has made a career out of delivering impressive covers to famous songs, and he too has attempted to capture the passion and emotion that is present in the song that Lady Gaga has made famous.

Ronan Parke sings ‘Shallow’ in jaw-dropping cover performance

With this performance, it is safe to say that Parke has succeeded on all levels. With a finely modulated voice and vocal stylings that rise and fall with the lyrics of the song, Parke creates a brilliant rendition.

Although he is a young performer, he has been singing for many years. Fans will recognize him from years ago when he burst onto the music scene as a child singer with a gifted voice.

Time has not dampened his voice or his enthusiasm for music, and it has also allowed him the necessary opportunities to develop greater confidence and maturity in his voice.

This process has resulted in a well-trained vocal performer, and he is more than up for the challenge of singing an iconic hit like ‘Shallow.’ His fans as well as fans of ‘A Star is Born’ will appreciate his version.

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