Riley Green’s nostalgic love letter to Chevy trucks

Looking back in the rearview mirror of life, Riley Green reminisces on his favorite truck’s role in life’s big moments.

In his poignant song “If it wasn’t for trucks”, Riley Green sings about life’s ups and downs and how – through it all – his trusty old truck was right there with him.

Standing in front of his vintage square-body GMC, Riley sings about being a teenager and “sweatin’ all summer” to save up for his very first truck to turn heads downtown.

Clearly expressing a love of country life and first-hand experience, we see and hear about Riley dating, hunting, and plain old just relaxing with a beer on the back of his truck.

The song really expresses the freedom a truck gives you, especially when you’re younger, and how it’s a place of joy and comfort when you fall “in and out of love”.

The music builds with fiddles being added to the mix as he relates how his truck was a place of solace and somewhere he could pray in peace.

Riley Green has really created a love letter to country life and trucks with his song, and with over 2 million views, many others agree.

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Riley Green’s nostalgic love letter to Chevy trucks