Reba McEntire’s Iconic Nineties Love Song Will Warm Your Heart

Country megastar Reba McEntire’s “Forever Love” has to be one of the artist’s most iconic tracks and a song that also featured as the title track to a movie of the same name.

Between the sentimental lyrics and beautiful melody, Reba McEntire pulled off a song that projects the perfect emotion to suit the touching lyrics of “Forever Love,” and with it gave the world a country track in ’98 that we’ll love forever.

Reba has the unique ability to instill one with a sense of wonder while at the same time taking you on an emotional journey, that, in this case, may just bring you to tears.

The music video accompanying this track was the only one released with Reba McEntires’s “If You See Him” record. You’ll instantly be taken back to the late nineties thanks to the gorgeous footage mixed with scenes from the movie.


Reba McEntire\'s Iconic Nineties Love Song Will Warm Your Heart