Quirky Police Officers Perform Hilarious Lip Syncing Challenge

Police officers are often thought of to be stern and serious individuals that don’t smile that often. While these stereotypes may be right for some, others like the cops from Clevland, Tennessee, show that they can have a good time like anyone else.

Lip sync challenges have been a widespread internet phenomenon for a few years. It can be a fun way to entertain yourself or a new way to express yourself with your friends. Six policemen wanted to be a part of it and got creative with their lip sync video.

CBS was hosting the “Lip Syncing To The Rescue” challenge in 2018. The men of Clevland, Tennessee, were proud to be one of the top 30 departments to make the cut. They proudly sang along to “Havana” by Camilla Cabello and Young Thug.

While the gentlemen sing along to the upbeat tune, you can’t help but laugh at their hilarious faces. We give them five stars for their acting, lip-syncing, and camera work. Their video is one of the more unique ones we’ve seen.