Quirky Kermit the Frog Gives Self-Isolated Performance of “Rainbow Connection”

Kermit the Frog is one of the most beloved muppets of all time. The cute puppet loves to sing to his love Miss Piggy, but this time he’s performing a tune for all of us. He shares a beautiful rendition of the classic song “Rainbow Connection.”

The majority of the United States is staying inside to help flatten the curve during the coronavirus pandemic. Kermit is all by himself in self-isolation and wants to give his fans a little bit of entertainment and hope during this strange time.

He steps out to his forested backyard in the country with a banjo in hand to start the catchy tune off right. Occasionally looking down to adjust his hands on the instrument, Kermit gives a caring gaze to the camera while singing the lyrics of “Rainbow Connection.”

This video reminds us that there are positive times ahead and that it’s still possible to look forward to the future despite feeling scared and anxious. There’s nothing like everyone’s favorite muppet to perform a catchy tune to get us through.