Quinceañeras dance earns 3.8 million views

The way they keep a straight face throughout their dance routine is priceless. Together, they rock and move to this fast-paced Spanish song, hilarious facial expressions, and all.

Some feelings can only be accurately expressed through dance. Tio Choko, the face behind a popular dance YouTube channel, took the opportunity to team up with the duo HeavyweightMusik to express this one.

The title explains it all. A Quinceanera is a traditional coming-of-age birthday party for young women in Latin American culture. When a girl turns 15, they have a big bash to celebrate!

These birthday parties are huge events for the entire family. This video perfectly explains how it feels to meet up with your favorite cousins at this event. Together, the dancers affect hilariously straight-faced expressions as they move and shake to this song.

The first shot starts with Tio Choko dressed in his country best, with his smart cowboy hat and checkered shirt. He starts busting a move, looking straight at the camera with a comically large mustache.

The camera pans out and we see that the duo of HeavyweightMusik has joined him. Together, they go through a series of carefully choreographed moves, and even though they are perfectly serious, you can tell they’re having so much fun.

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Quinceañeras dance earns 3.8 million views