‘Princess Leia’s Theme’ – The Incredible Tribute To The Late Carrie Fisher Is Breathtaking To Hear

This hauntingly beautiful piano solo tells the symphonic tale of Leia’s Theme from the Ultimate Star Wars Medley in a tribute to the late Carrie Fisher. Missed by countless fans around the world, and loved by all who embrace the classic, this song truly does the legendary actress justice.

The majestic rendition comes together as one of many fine collaborations between composer/pianist Sonya Belousova and director/producer Tom Grey. It’s an emotional journey that actress, singer, & songwriter Carrier would have loved – after all, she did drop out of high school to star in the musical ‘Irene’ alongside her mother.

Don’t miss one of the most touching piano solos’s ever played, as this talented artist delivers tribute song that is as beautiful as late Carrie Fisher was in her role as ‘Princess Leia’ in ‘Star Wars.’ It’s a must-see regardless of whether you’re a movie fan or not.