Praise and worship reach new heights in Colton Dixon’s ‘Made to Fly’

Colton Dixon’s ‘Made to Fly’ is the encouragement we need today

If you are searching for the next great star in Christian music, you might need to look no further than Colton Dixon. His new video for the song ‘Made to Fly’ is both stunning and uplifting.

This young performer has already ignited a fervent fan base with previous songs and videos, but this official music video is sure to appeal to both his original fans and new listeners to his music.

The key to the song might be in its pacing, starting off soft and slow with Dixon playing the piano beside the ocean. It picks up from there, and the lyrics build with the music.

Soon, Dixon hits the chorus and that is where the song really takes off. Adding a gospel choir to just about any song is usually a good idea, and in this case, it elevates Dixon’s music to the sublime.

Colton Dixon’s ‘Made to Fly’ is the encouragement we need today

Powerful messages reverberate throughout the song, reminding listeners that they are divine and therefore encouraged to not just walk, but fly. It is a meaningful statement to a world that needs to hear it.

The video itself is impressive too, with Dixon playing the piano passionately while the ocean tide rolls over his shoes. Elsewhere, we see people from all over the world struggling with their own personal battles.

This song and video is designed to uplift believers and non-believers alike, and Colton Dixon delivers that message in a powerful and spectacular testimony that will resonate for many years.

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