Police Officer And Loveable K9 Perfectly Lip Sync ‘I Can Only Imagine’

Police department lip-synching challenges have been storming the nation. When Chief Hepler of an Alabama police department came across these hilarious skits, he knew better than not to include his sidekick, Fox, in their adorable rendition of ‘I Can Only Imagine.’

Lip-synching challenges allow people to step outside of their comfort zone and have some fun. That’s just what the law enforcement workers at Hollywood Police Department needed when their jobs were full of stress. Luckily, Chief Hepler took advantage of the opportunity to make his co-workers, and eventually, thousands of other viewers, smile.

Chief Hepler and his sidekick k9, Fox, can be seen lip-synching MercyMe’s hit song, ‘I Can Only Imagine.’ This song teaches us that no matter what, there’s always something else to look forward to. When we see Hepler and Fox perform, we know that the lyrics of this song are absolutely accurate.

Watching Hepler and Fox enjoy themselves and get silly for the sake of having fun and spreading joy shows how smiling about the future is necessary. No matter how difficult times may get, there’s always something, or someone, watching over you.