PMJ Jazz Up A Popular TV Show Theme Song And It’s Perfect

Postmodern Jukebox combines talents with tap dancer Sarah Reich to deliver a remarkably charming rendition of the ‘Family Guy’ theme. Who would have ever thought that this unforgettable soundtrack could ever have been recreated with such classical charm and witty appeal?

PMJ blows away fans and newcomers with a contemporary arrangement in the classic vintage style that they’ve become so famous for. This ragtime rework of the soundtrack from one of the most popular adult animated comedies out there will be instantly recognizable to anyone who watches the show. If you don’t know the tune, it’ll be a firm favorite after this.

The ‘Family Guy’ theme originally created by Walter Murphy is transformed into something that any cigar lounge or jazz bar would be happy to host. Tap and vintage classical combine, showcasing the talents of Sarah Reich &Postmodern Jukebox in a remake of the ‘Family Guy’ theme that’s so much more than we could have ever imagined.

PMJ Jazz Up A Popular TV Show Theme Song And It\'s Perfect