Playing the Most Difficult Piano Piece in The World, Boy and Teddy Bear Wow Audience

Some kids are so incredibly talented beyond their years that when they perform, we can get swept away in their music and completely forget just how young they really and truly are.

Take for instance this young child prodigy. Before he sits down to play the piano, one would think he’s simply waiting for his parents or a friend… who could possibly know this young many is an expert concert pianist.

Meet eight-year-old Michael Andreas Haeringer who is undoubtedly the youngest and most talented pianist you will ever meet. His performance of Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique Op.13 Grave-Allegro is outstanding! You could say he’s another Beethoven.

Despite his young age, his demeanor is quite professional, and despite a concert-hall full of very mature people, he doesn’t blink twice. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have your teddy bear there for comfort.

Michael sits down and starts playing one of the most difficult and beautiful piano pieces I have heard in a very long time. In fact, this little boy plays so well, it’s hard to forget he’s only eight years old.

Watch his video and give him some positive feedback in the comments box below. And pass his video along to a friend who could use it. Enjoy!