Peter Hollens sings classic hymn ‘How Great Thou Art’ with The All-American Boys Chorus

Boys choir joins Peter Hollens for incredible ‘How Great Thou Art’ performance

If you are looking for a pure acapella experience that will make you smile, then you are in the right place – because that is exactly what Peter Hollens is here to offer you with this performance.

He is accompanied by the All-American Boys Chorus on one of those old Christian music hymns that you may remember if you spent any time in a church growing up.

Together, Hollens and the All-American Boys Chorus sing ‘How Great Thou Art,’ a hymn with a lot of beautiful meaning and a range that provides plenty of moments for great singing.

Hollens delivers as the leader of the group, guiding the choir through the verses and the chorus, and the boys do well to accompany him with powerful voices throughout the song.

Boys choir joins Peter Hollens for incredible ‘How Great Thou Art’ performance

It is the boys, in fact, who give the performance is richness and depth. Acapella music relies on every voice to play an important role, and this version would not be possible without the boys.

Hearing the joy and excitement in their voices will make you smile as you listen, or even while you sing along. It is an instantly recognizable song and easy to learn.

Whether you are here to experience the music in silence, or you are in your home living room and want to belt out this hymn with the other singers, you cannot go wrong with this rendition.

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