People’s hearts skip a beat when this bride walks down the aisle

Instead of ‘Here Comes the Bride,’ everyone at this wedding in Norway was treated to hearing the bride sing ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’ by Elvis Presley.

Norway seems to be turning out a lot of musical talent these days. In the case of this one young woman, she uses her ability to sing to prove her love to her husband-to-be on their wedding day.

As she walks up the aisle, when we would be expecting to hear the traditional ‘Here Comes The Bride,’ we begin to hear a piano rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.’

As the radiant bride begins to make her way up the aisle, she starts to sing and her voice is flawless. It doesn’t take long for the tears to start flowing around her.

When she makes it up to the altar, she takes the groom by his hands and looks into his eyes as she sings, where we can hear the quality of her voice in full. Looking at him fills her eyes with stars.

In an age where people invest too much in the wedding and too little in the marriage, we can’t help but feel that the intensity of this one is an accurate barometer of the love that these two will share for the rest of their lives.

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