Pentatonix Performs ‘Silent Night’ in an Empty Church – This Is Like Nothing You’ve Heard Before

When a super-star group performs a Christmas classic like “Silent Night” for us, we know we are in for something special. This video clip showcases the superb talent of the popular five-member a capella group, “Pentatonix”.

Using just their voices, they can transport their audience to warm, cozy Christmas nights gathered in front of the fireplace. They conjure up visions of decorations and colorfully wrapped presents underneath the brightly lit Christmas tree.

But more than that, we are reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, of the birth of Christ and of angels singing about peace on Earth for all mankind.

Pentatonix can create magical musical arrangements for anything they sing, giving the song their own special interpretation. And they achieve all this without needing backing music.

This performance of “Silent Night” is simply wonderful. They keep returning to the basics, keeping it simple, blending their harmonies like no-one else can.

Their setting for the video clip appears to be a church, the old-style architecture features big stone blockwork and arched passageways. Not only does the building set the ambience, it offers great acoustics.

As each individual member sings, adding their glorious voices to the arrangement, you can see the passion on their faces. Starting the song all light and delicate with the higher voices, the harmonies grow rich with emotion when the lower voices join in.

Watch the video clip and treat yourself to something special this festive season. You be the judge. Is this the best rendition of the beloved Christmas carol that you have ever heard?

Pentatonix Performs \'Silent Night\' in an Empty Church - This Is Like Nothing You\'ve Heard Before