Paul Anka & Olivia Newton-John sings stunning duet ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’

Paul Anka & Olivia Newton-John spend a day in New York City

In a lively and colorful New York City, a couple played by Olivia Newton-John and Paul Anka spend their day together. The background song to their wonderful day is “Put Your Head on My Shoulder.”

As they spend their time together you see that the song was actually recorded by them in a studio. They sang it as a duet since they are both legendary singers.

They wander around New York City having the best time. At the park they feed the birds, Olivia doesn’t notice she has a hole in her bag where the seeds pour out.

Paul Anka & Olivia Newton-John spend a day in New York City

When they go to Times Square they eat ice cream together while standing in front of the famous big screens. Afterward, they go on a shopping spree, filling the backseat with tons of bags.

There’s a carnival where they ride the Ferris wheel together. Paul has a bucket of popcorn in his hand and a bird flies by and perches on Olivia’s hand.

They end their day standing on a balcony, slowly reaching the finale of the song. While they look upon the endless city they think about the perfect day they spent together.

From below a cat and a dog watch them from their own buildings, happy to see a couple so wonderfully in love. It is a remarkably sweet scene to top it all off.

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