Painted Rock Art Ideas To Try At Home (Video Tutorial)

“More than likely, you know of someone who has had “pet rocks” at some point in their life. Well, this project takes painting pet rocks to a completely different level altogether. The end result is just breathtaking.

Italian artist, Michela Bufalini, specializes in what is known as pebble art. This isn’t your average animal painted on a rock, though. She has created some incredible pieces. In this tutorial, Michela shows you how to get started with this fascinating art yourself.

Half of the fun of this project is collecting your stones. Take a hike, enjoy nature, and get some exercise at the same time. Flat, smooth, round stones work the best for this type of art.

On a thin piece of board, roughly sketch out the picture or scene you want to make. This will help you choose the rocks that best fit the shapes you need. Lay out your pebbles on the board as you work to keep you on track. In this tutorial, Michela is making a garden.

Paint the board to make a basic backdrop. A blue sky behind a few green hills is perfect for this scene. Add a little pond for some extra space to work with and dimension.

The next step is to make sure your rocks are washed off and thoroughly dry. Paint sticks best to a clean surface.

With small artist brushes, start painting your scenery. Paint just a few flowers or patches of grass onto each pebble. You don’t want to overcrowd them. A variety of colors add a bright, cheery tone to the pebble garden.

This tutorial gives you some great ideas of how to easily paint the flowers as well as other great design ideas. Each rock is individual, so be sure to work with its shape as much as possible.

Once you’re happy with the layout of the rocks, go ahead and glue them into place on your board. You could even spray the finished design with some glossy sealant to add some shine to your artwork.

At the end of the tutorial, Michela shows a few of her other amazing designs – from animals to scenery. You’ll definitely get inspired by the end of this video. Now go start collecting those pebbles!”

Painted Rock Art Ideas To Try At Home (Video Tutorial)