Over 70 Students High Kick Their Way Towards A Gold Medal, And We’re Stunned

At the 2018 Showmakers of America Dance Competition, high-kick dancers came together from all over the nation to strut their stuff. This particular routine, however, has left us dizzy.

Using the concepts from the Tron movie franchise as inspiration, these ladies choreographed their routine to a Daft Punk mashup all while decked out in space-age blue ensembles. But it’s not just their attire that catches the eye.

Known by their stage name “The Emerald Belles,” this high school dance team from Texas is famous for their extraordinary flexibility and talent. And this performance is almost too fast to comprehend.

With every step and high-kick landing perfectly in sync with the music, we can’t even imagine the hard work and practice that must have gone into a flawless performance like this. Just don’t blink or you’ll miss it.