One Man Delivers Hauntingly Beautiful Acapella Hymns In Startling Harmony

David Wesley has proven not only his talent as an a capella artist but also showcased over 1500-years of praise and worship in a single arrangement. His a capella medley takes you on a journey through an era of hymns, transitioning through some of the greatest songs ever written.

The way that this one man has recreated so many timeless songs of worship is nothing short of astounding. With seamless transitions and heavenly harmony, his voice elevates us with inspiring vocals and a selection of songs that are as inspirational in their meaning as his emotion is in the sheer delivery.

Termed an ‘Evolution of Worship’ by David Wesley, the medley couldn’t be more appropriately named. Most of the songs featured are still in active use by people from all walks of life around the world. Others will be new, but all are equally as amazing, and each a masterpiece in its own right – what a brilliant way to listen to 1500-years of music in just 7.5-minutes flat.