Old naval base becomes a stage for graceful ballerinas and the Internet is loving it

Watching ballet is like watching beauty unfold before our eyes. For two of the best ballet groups in the San Francisco area, they came together to pull off an epic performance of the ‘Waltz of the Snowflakes.’

The Alameda Naval Air Station in Alameda, California has long since been decommissioned. But it turned out to be useful for two San Francisco-area ballet groups.

When the Post: Ballet and the Berkeley Ballet Theater came together to perform ‘Waltz of the Snowflakes’ from ‘The Nutcracker’, it was watching a masterpiece being painted before your eyes. With every graceful movement, it’s like watching a paintbrush painting a portrait.

This well-choreographed dance was a sight to behold. The dancers moving in synchronization could be described in one word: perfection.

This old naval air station may not be seeing a lot of activity these days. But it’s good to see it being put to good use for something quite like this.

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