Noteworthy Perform ‘Amazing Grace’ To Heart-Stirring Perfection

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound! This video features a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” that is unlike anything you have ever heard or seen before.

Nine young women stand in a line and by the time they finished this timeless classic, I had tears in my eyes. 

This beautiful rendition is performed by a group called Noteworthy. This a cappella group from Brigham Young University is a female counterpart to the men’s a cappella group called Vocal Point. It consists of nine young women who are students at BYU in Provo, Utah.

Noteworthy was established back in 2003 by a student at BYU, Esther Yoder. She consulted with the co-founder of Vocal Point, and its director at the time, to help put together the university’s first female a cappella chorus. Since their establishment, they have competed in numerous a cappella competitions, including “The Sing-Off.”

Some people are new to the genre of acapella because its popularity is increasing much thanks to the Internet. Acapella simply means singing unaccompanied by instruments. Sometimes it’s spelled using the original Italian “a cappella” but “acapella” is also acceptable these days. Pentatonix is another good example of an acapella group.

Watch Noteworthy’s incredible version of “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” in the video below. These young women deserve our applause.

Noteworthy Perform \'Amazing Grace\' To Heart-Stirring Perfection