9-year-old’s rendition of this 1959 classic is sure to give you goosebumps

Some people are born with the right gifts that make them stand out from those around them. It doesn’t always require lessons and proper training for some children to learn how to hone their talents, either…

Some kids are just naturally incredible at what they do, and it’s up to us to encourage them to follow their dreams and put their talents out into the world.

Rising superstar Angelina Jordan may be young, but her voice is powerful. Her incredible voice has made her an internet sensation, and it’s only a matter of time before she makes it into the big leagues. Angelina’s videos have received over 220 million views on YouTube and almost 1 billion views on Facebook.

When you hear the pipes of this nine-year-old girl, your jaw is going to drop. You’ll soon understand why this singer has gathered such a big following.

Speaking perfect English and raised in Norway; this little world-renowned performer has won fantastic reviews for the extraordinary breadth and depth of her vocal talent that merely defies her young age.

According to her website, when Angelina was only 18 months old, she grew attached to YouTube. She spent her time as a toddler belting out legendary Whitney Houston hits, becoming obsessed with the likes of Billie Holiday and other jazz musicians…

Her parents realized just how much talent their daughter had and immediately encouraged her to audition for Norway’s Got Talent, and this little girl hasn’t looked back since! She has her own Facebook page where she keeps her fans up to date.

At the age of eight, Angelina managed to take the crown and win the entire show! She’s now performed all across the world and continues to gather millions of views on YouTube, where she uploads her fantastic covers.

Down below, you can see her rendition of 1959 classic “What A Difference A Day Makes” by Dinah Washington. You’ve got to hear this. It’s worth sharing. I know I did.

You won’t believe your ears when Angelina opens her mouth. This is one amazing singer! What did you think of her incredible vocals? Leave a comment with your thoughts below and share this beautiful video with your friends.

9-year-old\'s rendition of this 1959 classic is sure to give you goosebumps