New Luke Bryan song makes you long for home

Audience members at the ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’ were given a performance to remember when Luke Bryan sang ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here.’

Appearing on the set of the ‘Ellen Degeneres Show,’ country music star Luke Bryan put on a live show to remember in front of the studio audience.

Performing his hit record, ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here,’ Bryan moved the crowd with his touching lyrics and beloved vocal talents.

Throughout the performance, Bryan sang about the values of growing up in his hometown, the friends he had made, and reasons he would always stay there.

Bryan painted a beautiful picture of generations of families growing up, raising families, and going to their rest on the same piece of land.

For anyone who has grown up in a small town and loves it – or for fans of Luke Bryan’s considerable musical gifts – this performance will stand out.

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New Luke Bryan song makes you long for home