Nervous Young Lady Chokes Up On Stage, But Simon Breaks Down In Tears When He Hears Her Voice

Even those who are painfully shy can shine with the right encouragement. Right from the beginning, it was apparent to everyone at Britain’s Got Talent that Emma Jones is terrified to perform in front of such a large audience.

She walked into the middle of the stage tentatively, swallowed many times and barely looked up at the judges. Finally, she pulls back her hair from her face, ready to start. When asked questions, she is unable to do little more than nod her affirmation.

But what an amazing talent! Emma had just sung several words of Ava Maria when the audience members clapped and shouted their encouragement. At every opportunity, they continued to cheer her on.

Soon the judges were smiling, showing their obvious enjoyment.

And when the judges stood up and clapped too, Emma broke out in laughter, hugging herself. Along with everyone else, Simon rose to his feet in appreciation of her beautiful performance.
She had conquered the night!