Navy brass band performs sensational ‘Colonel Bogey March’

The famous military song ‘Colonel Bogey March’ is set to a stirring arrangement in this excellent performance by the U.S. Navy brass band.

The U.S Navy brass band took the stage for a live performance of the beloved military song ‘Colonel Bogey March.’ The quintet delivered a beautiful rendition of the favorite classic.

Within the five-member ensemble, there were performances on the trumpet, the trombone, and the French horn – blending their sounds together perfectly.

The arrangement was slightly slower and softer than the full-band composition, providing a wonderful change of pace for fans of the original song.

In a song filled with many great moments, perhaps the biggest highlight was hearing each musician have the chance to stand out for a portion of the performance.

Still, they managed to effortlessly marry their playing together, creating a rich, full sound that will appeal to listeners of all ages.

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Navy brass band performs sensational ‘Colonel Bogey March’