Musician covers popular songs using Church Organ

Musician shows that Church Organ can also play popular songs

On a Church Organ, musician Fabian Hartung masterfully plays “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” by Green Day. He doesn’t sing though, instead, the lyrics are shown on the screen.

We see as he has complete and utter focus, pressing the keys with his hands and using his feet as well. It is a large and intimidating instrument.

The loud sounds created by the long pipes give the song a more ceremonious and dramatic spin. You can hear the original tune, but it is completely different at the same time.

With two levels of keys, you think he would get lost or disoriented, but that is not the case. He continues on with precision and deftness. You can’t help but nod your head along.

Musician shows that Church Organ can also play popular songs

His aim is to show that the Church Organ can be used for more than just church music. He has other videos of him covering other popular songs.

Among these other songs are “Uptown Funk!” by Bruno Mars, “I want it that way,” by Backstreet Boys, and more. It seems he can play any song as long as he has a music sheet.

While the Church Organ may not be heard in many of the popular songs these days, it can certainly be entertaining in the right hands.

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