Musical husband and wife perform romantic Ed Sheeran cover

Cello has the power to convey emotions in the most sublime ways imaginable. The vibrato of that warm tone will evoke nostalgia in just about anyone.

The incredibly talented married couple, both professional musicians, couldn’t be better suited in telling the story of a long-distance relationship conveyed in ‘Photograph’.

The story was inspired by Ed Sheeran’s long-distance relationship with singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt. For many, it is one of his most striking ballades.

The perfect and thought-evoking performance by Marine and Patrick Laird does it justice and more. The beautiful timber of the cello reviews the emotion of the song.

The vibration of the tone and the airiness of the harmony convey the longing. It is as if the lyrics of the song are etched to each tone they perform.

Many of Brooklyn Duo and Ed Sheeran’s admirers agree this cover of ‘Photograph’ might be one of the best ones ever made.

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