Music video created with everyday stuff grabs 2.3M views

Taylor Swift’s hit song ‘Shake it off’ was especially appropriate for using a salt-shaker in place of a snare drum sound.

Young music and video producer, Andrew Huang, created a video of himself singing some popular songs. He filmed himself using household items for instruments.

He multiplied his voice to sound like several people were singing. Also, he added the sounds of different things, such as a car door closing.

Huang recorded the sound of shaking a salt-shaker, tapping glasses or blocks of wood together, a coffee maker dripping, and even a faucet in his video.

At the end of his video, he talks about supporting his work and his new album that incorporates the recording of a comet in space.

Listening to Andrew’s creative use of household items for rhythm instruments may inspire us to try and make some music of our own at home.

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