Mother’s no running order sparks little girl’s hilarious defiance

Little girl’s hilariously creative act of defiance to mother’s order

Variety is the spice of life, and who could be a better instigator of it than kids—their sometimes mind-boggling and hilarious views on how it all works are guaranteed to astound just about anyone.

Just two-year-old Zoe will confirm that in a shopping mall outing where her mother firmly invoked the famous parent mantra, the no-running rule. To which Zoe conforms, with a bit of twist.

Walking down a clothing aisle can be very exciting for a child. Seeing all these big clothing racks under which you can walk, hide, and play just calls for some running action.

Luckily Zoe’s mother seems to be perfectly aware of this when she, with a gentle but determined voice, tells Zoe: “no running, no running.”

Little girl’s hilariously creative act of defiance to mother’s order

For a moment there, it looks like the restrictions were applied successfully. Zoe indeed stopped, albeit just for a second and only to think about what to do next.

Suddenly her head starts to follow the rhythm of the background music. Then, a moment later, she is in a full quasi-dancing walk, swaying around the aisle with hands in the air like she doesn’t care.

Her mother seems to know Zoe figured out this loophole and is perfectly content with it as it is still slower than running. Still, kudos to Zoe. When it comes to gray areas in life, she will be a force to reckon with.

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