Mother & daughter duet gives 4 million people the feels

6-year-old Sophie Fatu and her mother Victoria Fatu give the song ‘Shallow’ some real substance with this heartwarming duet that the internet just loves.

Everyone dreams of a big break where you can have a side hustle that pays you for doing what you love. That’s the dream being lived by this mother and her daughter.

The song is ‘Shallow’ by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Here it’s being performed by the talented little Sophie Fatu and her mother, Victoria Fatu.

This video is clocking at over 6 million views as of this writing. When you take a look you’ll understand why. There’s a lot to see and hear in this video.

Little Sophie doesn’t miss a note and she closes her eyes and gets lost in the experience of freedom through singing. Her mother is delighted to see her daughter so happy.

It looks like they’ve made a career out of singing on YouTube. Better yet, it’s a career both of them get to enjoy together as parent and child.

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Mother & daughter duet gives 4 million people the feels