“Mongolian Cowboy” Stuns Judges With Flawless George Strait Ballad — and He Doesn’t Even Speak English!

The Mongolian Cowboy Made Everyone’s Jaws Drop.

The new talent competition, ‘The World’s Best’, is shaking things up and bringing all types of new talent to the U.S. As the title suggests, vocal contestants from all around the world are welcome to audition for the show. This makes the competition even harder than ever, and each contestant has to make sure that each performance is unique and captures everyone’s attention.

You wouldn’t think the obvious song choice for a Mongolian contestant would be an American country song, but Enkh-Erdene surprised everyone by choosing a George Strait song. It was an especially shocking choice because Enkh-Erdene doesn’t even speak English.

In his pre-audition interview, Enkh-Erdene had to use a translator to talk with World’s Best host, James Corden. The judges and viewers were obviously wondering how Enkh-Erdene was going to be able to perform the popular country song if he couldn’t even speak English.

The introduction for George Strait’s “Amarillo By Morning” begins, and as soon as Enkh-Erdene starts singing, everyone is in complete shock. His American English accent is perfect; and somehow, he was even able to throw in a bit of a country accent. Jaws dropped all across the auditorium.

Enkh-Erdene’s deep, rich voice fills every corner and wows everyone listening. Dressed in denim and standing in front of an old pickup truck on stage, no one would ever be able to guess that this performer wasn’t just another Nashville-hopeful. Yet, this contestant couldn’t even speak English!

The audience started clapping along halfway through the song, and everyone was clearly enjoying themselves. When Enkh-Erdene finished his draw-dropping performance, he received a standing ovation from the audience and judges.

It’s so hard to believe that someone who can’t even speak English can sing a country song so brilliantly. Does he know enough country songs to make an album, because he may be getting a record contract after this performance?