Mind-Bending Illusions Leave ‘America’s Got Talent’ Fans Utterly Dumbstruck

Three great magic acts charmed the judges during the 2019 “America’s Got Talent” season. Eric Chien, Dom Chambers, and The Sentimentalists enchanted audiences with cards, beer, and mentalism.

The highlight of the group in our opinion was Eric Chien’s close-up magic act. He managed to turn cards from red to blue and back again, turn them into coins, and then make them disappear altogether.

Our second favorite was Dom Chambers and his magically appearing beer. Being an Australian it makes sense that he would come to AGT with what he calls “the magically appearing beer trick.” All told he pulled more than a half dozen glasses of beer from a paper bag, his coat, and even his shoe. It was amazing.

Mind-Bending Illusions Leave \'America\'s Got Talent\' Fans Utterly Dumbstruck