Mike Manuel’s rendition of the emotional hit ‘Phone In Heaven’

Mike Manuel’s special dedication to his late mother

Mike Manuel’s song gives us a glimpse of what it’d be like if we could get one more chance to talk to our lost loved ones.

We have had to experience grief at some point in life. And we can all agree that losing a loved one isn’t an easy experience. People also tend to handle grief differently.

In his song, ‘If there’s A Phone In Heaven’, Mike Manuel expresses his sentiments on the possibility of being able to make one more call to his mother in heaven.

Mike Manuel’s special dedication to his late mother

We never know when we’re about to lose a loved one and most people share the same sentiments as Manuel in his touching song.

We certainly wouldn’t mind picking the phone and talking to our loved ones in heaven one more time if we could.

With more than 670 thousand views, you can tell that several people can relate to the message in this touching song. This song certainly makes us think of the loved ones that are no longer with us.

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