Michael Winslow from ‘Police Academy’ shows his amazing talent on AGT

Michael Winslow AGT

For Michael Winslow’s audition on America’s Got Talent, all he needed was his voice. He told the story of how he always got in trouble growing up because of the noises he would mimic.

While on a plane as a child he copied the sound that you would hear when someone called for a steward. The sounds that came from his mouth were uncanny.

After high school, he hitchhiked to Los Angeles, but he didn’t know what exactly to do. All he knew was that he wanted to use his special talent. Then he ended up in his breakout role in ‘Police Academy.’

Michael Winslow AGT

Unfortunately, his wife passed away in 1993 so he left the industry to take care of his children. Many years later his son encouraged him to chase his passions yet again.

Winslow listened to his son and reminded the world what he was capable of. During his audition, he copied the sounds of a radio perfectly. If you closed your eyes there would be no way you could tell the difference.

He beatboxed well-known songs while also making the sound of a radio station changing. It was an incredible performance, and he did it so effortlessly.

It is great to have Michael Winslow back and sharing the hundreds of thousands of sound effects that he can make with his mouth. This definitely won’t be the last the world will hear from him.

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