Michael Landon’s Hilarious Prank on Johnny Carson

A Nostalgic Look Back at Michael Landon’s Prank on The Tonight Show

In the golden era of late-night television, there were fewer moments more joyous than witnessing a well-crafted prank. This is a tale from that time, when the beloved Michael Landon, renowned for his roles in heartwarming classics such as ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ had everyone in stitches with his comedic antics on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.

The Setup

Our story begins on an ordinary evening, with Landon and Carson dining at the charming Beau Rivage restaurant in Malibu. As Carson recounts, on their departure, an unfortunate ‘incident’ involving a restaurant cat transpires. Unbeknownst to Carson, this incident would lay the groundwork for a prank that would soon become part of television history.

A Prank in the Making

Time passed, and the supposed incident with the cat receded into the background. That is, until the duo decided to revisit the Beau Rivage. Sensing an opportunity, Landon masterfully crafted a plan to pull a prank on Carson. He called ahead, plotting with the restaurant owner to present a faux ‘flattened’ toy cat under a covered tray, a playful nod to their previous visit.

The Reveal

As the evening unfolded, Landon skillfully kept his secret, maintaining a poker face as they dined. Only when the waiter presented the menu did Carson begin to notice something was amiss. Landon, ever the actor, watched as Carson, ever the comedian, read through the menu items, the humor increasing with each absurdly named dish.

From ‘Tureen of Tabby’ to ‘Moose ala Mercedes’, the menu was a whimsical homage to the supposed cat incident. Carson’s dawning realization, and the subsequent reveal of the flattened toy cat, sparked an eruption of laughter from the audience, marking a memorable moment in the annals of The Tonight Show.

The video below captures this nostalgic episode, taking us back to a time when television was a conduit for simple, shared laughter. Because, isn’t it wonderful to remember a time when such joy and hilarity were commonplace in our living rooms?

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Michael Landon\'s Hilarious Prank on Johnny Carson