Michael Buble’s Moving Song “Forever Now” About a Parent’s Love Goes Viral

Michael Buble is one of those singers that can make you swoon from his outstanding musical abilities. He’s created several successful hits over the years, and this time, he’s releasing a song called “Forever Now,” all about a parent’s love.

If you’re a parent or grandparent, you’ll know that once you have children, they become the most important thing in the world. Michael Buble is a father and knows this feeling all too well. He decided to make a song about being a parent that will tug at your heartstrings.

Some of the moving lines to the song are, “I tuck you in at night; another day has passed. Every week goes by a little faster than the last. It wasn’t so long ago we walked together and you held my hand. And now you’re getting too big to want to, but I hope you’ll always understand.”

Buble’s son Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016. Thankfully, he fought hard and is now cancer-free. There’s nothing a parent wants more than to see their child healthy and thriving. Knowing about Noah’s compelling story makes this song a little more beautiful to listen to.

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