Mexican Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Sculptures Of Famous People

Mexican artist Ruben Orozco Loza creates hyperrealistic sculptures of people out of clay, resin, and silicone. As a self-taught artist, Loza takes up to 6 months to create a piece of art.

Loza said that there aren’t many opportunities for Mexican artists to learn new techniques, so he did a long of online research. He has always been fascinated with the human face, and focuses much of his art on that feature.

One fan gushed: “I give him huge props, especially since he hasn’t ever had any formal training. Just self-taught. That is perfection, down to every last wrinkle, the shape of the teeth, everything. Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, one of the coolest human art sculptures, I’ve ever seen; Even better than the wax museums. You’ve got some real talent. Maybe you should have your very own museum.”