Mesmerizing routine earns drill team 11 million views

When they get down on the floor, you know it’s going to be some amazing choreography. MIHS’s legendary drill team perfects this legendary choreography to devastating effect.

When the Mercer Island High School drill team marches onto the gym floor, you know that you’re about to witness greatness. This team never fails to impress, and each of their performances is a treat.

As the girls get into position, the crowd can hardly contain their excitement, and it only gets better from here. They start with a simple formation and end up with a human ‘domino effect’. This is what really gets the crowd hyped up.

From there, they take positions as part of a moving pattern, which elicits more cheers from the crowd. When they hit the floor, the real magic begins. Despite not being able to see each other, they are perfectly in sync with each other and the music.

The most iconic part of the performance comes when they line up diagonally across the gym. They fall into place perfectly and begin an optical illusion and wave-like effect that is mesmerizing to watch.

Then the most amazing part – the girls lay on the floor, link arms, and pull each other in a wave pattern on the floor. It’s amazing to watch, and their cute dance number afterward is great, too. Whoever choreographed this routine deserves an award.

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Mesmerizing routine earns drill team 11 million views