Mesmerizing Escape Stunt Leaves America’s Got Talent Judges on the Edge of Their Seats

There have been a handful of escape artists and magicians to grace the stage of America’s Got Talent. It takes precision, creativity, and an act that sets you apart from the rest to get you to the quarterfinals on a show like AGT.

Jonathan Goodwin is no stranger to pulling off stunts that have you wondering, “how’d he do that?” Before his quarterfinal performance, he mentions it’s the one stunt his mom didn’t want him to try, and he quickly asks for Heidi Klum’s assistance.

There are several poles around them with flames blowing in the wind. Heidi inspects a safety pin and padlock to ensure that they’re the real deal. The brave escape artist is then hosed down with propane before being locked into place.

His goal is to break completely free before he finds himself in life-threatening danger. As Heidi joins Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara on the sidelines, the judges gasp in anticipation as the clock continues to tick.